Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cheap Child Labor!

Well, the time is drawing near ... the first set of movers arrive tomorrow to pack our "un-accompanied baggage" ... we call it our "quick ship". This is a small shipment of necessities that will arrive before our main household goods shipment ... it's meant to help us while living in our new home until the bulk of our household good arrive. It looks pretty measly but we have things like ... a few dishes, utensils, glasses, pots/pans, kitchen towels, bath towels, air mattress, bedding, pillows, lamps, a box of toys for Kelty, extra clothing, etc. Al has to go to the base tomorrow morning so I may be doing this part alone with Kelty ... it's a small shipment and it's organized in a small space so I'm really not too worried.
Onto other things ... Kelty grabbed a little washcloth from the clean laundry basket yesterday and started to wipe things down like he was helping me clean! I walked around the house with him and asked him to "clean the table, please" and he did ... or, clean this/that ... and he went right to it! Hey! Free labor! He may have learned to eat off the floor from Pogo and Piper but he learned how to clean from me! :o)

Cleaning the edge of the tub

Cleaning the door frame

That's it! I've had enough ... I'm outa here! No, really ... this morning I put his little backpack on and he walked around the house for an hour with it! He had Al and I laughing this morning ... pushing his train with his backpack on and one sock ... it's a rough life!

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  1. I believe John Charles used to help Jess clean too. Remember mom and dad got him a vacuum because ended up loving to vacuum so much!

    I love the pic with one sock, too cute.


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