Thursday, January 29, 2009

CPK and Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

We are on day 2 of our main household goods pack ... this is the big one! The movers arrived Wednesday morning and are finishing up today; one of the packers is the president of the company and we must say ... this group of packers is probably the best we have ever had in the 10 years that we've been moving! Even though they have taken less supervision than any other move, Al and I are exhausted. We trade off on "Kelty Duty" and "Mover Duty".

Kelty wanted to check out the truck and the crates ... "Hey! Where are all my toys!"

Cool! Look at all this stuff to climb on!

Tuesday night we said a final farewell to some dear friends from the squadron (the Travis's, the Frost's and the Guttman's); we met for a little dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. It was also a chance for Kelty to say good-bye to his friends too! We will miss you all so very much!

5 Little Buddies! (From L-R: Evangeline, Kelty, Ryan, Jake, Catherine)

Our Group

Kisses Good-Bye

High 5's to Ryan

Kelty had to make a few last minute phone calls before his cell phone service was turned off. *Joke* It sounds like he's answering the phone and saying "Hi".


  1. He's just too cute talking on that little phone. Hope to see you all soon...Nikki:o)

  2. So funny! It sounds like he's saying "Hi" and the "Bye-bye"! What a smarty pants!


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