Saturday, March 20, 2010

Polish Pottery - The Aftermath

I stole a moment to take some snapshots of "my pattern" ... I came home with 37 pieces of pottery ... I won't show you ALL of them! Here are just a few photos!!

This is the piece that started it all! I fell in love with the "pop" of turquoise and the deep rich brown ... both colors didn't seem to be too common in traditional Polish pottery, especially the turquoise ... not to be confused with the light blue! I bought two "crocks", this is the smaller of the two. These are oven and microwave safe ... I have a vision of using these for Gluhwein, ciders, and punches!

This pattern is made exclusively by Ceramika Artystycnza.

I bought 8 coordinating mugs. "My" pattern was VERY scarce ... in fact I could only find 2 little mugs in the pattern, so I broke out of my comfort zone and found "coordinating" mugs! I was so proud of myself for buying mugs that didn't "match" but "coordinated"!

I could not pass up this spoon!! It was the equivalent of like $1.50!

I just happened to find this website that sells "my" pattern of pottery from Artystyczna ... the creamer they are selling for $20.00 cost me a mere $4.00! They are selling my $1.50 spoon for $10.00!

... and this is how I DOUBLED my total spending on the last day! We stopped to visit Ceramika Millena which is known for their "contemporary" pottery. They are family owned and operated, in fact their workshop and kilns are out in plain view when you enter their building. They also use locally procured clay which is awesome!

I did some "coordinating" instead of "matching" here too! Whoa ... what's happening to me! I envision using these pieces for breakfasts casseroles and juice! I bought this dish, 6 goblets, and a few other coordinating pieces.

I hope you like "my" patterns ... and it's OK if you don't too. :o) Like I said, I wasn't sure I even LIKED Polish pottery until I was actually there!

So ... next time I go to Poland for another "combat shopping" trip ... just go ahead and place your orders through me and I'll pick it up for you!


  1. Beautiful! I love the coordinating mugs especially!

  2. You had me at gluehwein...

  3. I LOVE "your" pattern!!! I so have to place an order with you next time you go. Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

  4. That first pattern (and coordinating patterns) is beyootiful! I LOVE those mugs!

  5. My goodness - Polish pottery is gorgeous and your pattern is fabulous! What great finds - Thanks for sharing! Happy Spring!

  6. I don't have any Polish Pottery but I've always thought it was really pretty. I've never seen the spoons before though--LOVE that!!

    ~ Sarah


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