Monday, March 22, 2010

Where There is Sunshine ... There Are Smiles

I'm taking a chance and saying Spring may finally be upon us! It has warmed up enough to let the kids out of their winter cages ... the clouds have parted and the sun has poked through! I took Kelty to the park the other day and I believe every parent had the same idea ... it was pure chaos at the park ... kids were screaming, running, climbing, they were free! It was really a sight to take in!

I've been outside a lot with Kelty these last few days and he has been so HAPPY!

A little morning "craft time"

Fun with pipe cleaners

Working on our "acting skills" ....

Kelty and I "acted out" the first 15 minutes or so of the "Bee Movie" ... Kelty hopped in his car while the bee's were driving in the movie. I was sporting a pair of antenna's too ... however, I will spare you that photo.

I spent Keltys' nap time cleaning up a winters worth of chihuahua poo, raked the back yard and freshened up his play area ... the yard was ready for Kelty by the time he woke up!

Yes ... I know his hair is getting long.


This morning we headed out to Kelty's speech appointment ... he's been sporting his "man bag" the last few days! Ha! Don't tell Al I let him carry it around in public!

After our appointment we met up with some of his buddies at the park on base ... they had an absolute blast and were so DIRTY by the end of our visit!

AND THEN ......

... after walking in the door from a morning of fun, Kelty picked up a foam sticker dot off the floor from our "craft time" the other day ... a random scrap on the floor that fell under the table.

As he was poised with the dot on his finger and by his nose, I said "Kelty, don't you dare put that in your nose" ... he paused ... he put in his nose .... and ... he sniffed!

I packed him up and we headed BACK to Landstuhl (for the 2nd time that day).

This is what Kelty sniffed up his nose ... I brought in an example. The "dot" was already out of sight, no amount of digging by the doctors revealed the "dot". The docs think it's already made its way into his throat and he swallowed it ... we'll wait and see if it comes out the other end.

In case you were wondering ... these are not the size stickers I let Kelty play with. Occasionally the foam stickers have little "punch outs" so you can get a little eye hole for an animal or pop out the window of a car. This little dot was one of those little scraps that I happened to miss when I cleaned up after craft time!


  1. So much to love about this post:
    his Xbox shirt, the look on his face going down the slide, the man bag, acting like a Bee and especially his defiance to sniff that sticker after you told him not to. I'm sure you didn't appreciate it but I think it's cute : )

  2. Allie is SO much happier when she is outside too. Thanks so much for the recommendation of the Stephanie Inn... I am DEFINITELY looking into that :)

  3. That is too funny!!! The things little boys think of is just too funny!! He looks like he is just having a blast going out and being able to RUN!!! THanks for sharing with us we love the pictures!!!

  4. Being able to let the boys outside is a truly glorious thing. I live for spring LOL


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