Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vent Session

I HATE WALMART! I do not visit Walmart frequently; I just can't handle it. Once and a while I'll re-visit and tell myself that "it won't be like last time" and every time I am proven wrong. So I ventured to Walmart today because I thought diapers and PediaSure would be a little cheaper and I needed both. When I was in the baby food isle I knocked a glass jar of baby food off the shelf and the glass shattered all over the isle. I found a clean-up station around the corner and put a big orange "caution" sign by the biggest part of the mess and used a paper towel to wrangle in some of the other pieces. Then I started looking around for a nearby sales associate ... 'ooh, there's one a few isles away! I called for her, she looked at me, we made eye contact, then she turned down an isle and walked away! I went after her, saying "Ma'am, I need your assistance", she looked at me and said "I don't work in that department". I said "OK, but I knocked a jar of baby food off the shelf and there are glass pieces in the isle" ... she told me again that it wasn't her department. I asked her if she could find an associate to clean it up because someone is going to get hurt. She walked over the to isle with me and said "Oh", then walked away. I stood there for a few minutes in an effort to protect the area just in case someone walked down the isle with a child. She came back and said "there is no one to help, the person that works this deparment is on break". I looked at her in astonishment and told her that either she or someone else needs to clean up the glass or a child is going to walk down this "child isle" and slice themselves on a piece of glass and Walmart will end up getting sue'd ... she looked at me like she didn't give a crap and said she'd see if she could find someone to clean it up.

Am I crazy or could this LAZY women have cleaned it up!!! I did more work trying to clean up the glass as a customer than she did as an employee!!

Thank-you Walmart associate for once again giving me reason never to shop at Walmart!


  1. Sorry to say, I'm not suprised. I hate Wal Mart, I do my best to stay away from it and I'm usually successful unless Shawn is with me.

  2. Oh that's terrible! I've grown more and more frustrated with WalMart in the past few years. Adam doesn't understand but I don't mind paying a few extra dollars on my grocery bill for better service and a cleaner store! Sorry for all the frustration!

  3. Ugh! I hate WalMart too! I'm a Target girl. I avoid WalMart unless Target doesn't have what I'm looking for.


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