Monday, February 9, 2009

He Keeps Going and Going and Going ......

All things considered things are going very well in Dallas. Kelty is getting to know the hotel staff, and he still loves playing in the courtyard ... unfortunately our hotel room seems to be too small for the amount of enregy he has! He has started to climb up on the couch by himself and likes to run up and down the lenght of the hallways ... both of which you will see in the videos. Yikes! The weather outlook for the week looks grim ... wind and rain. That rules out parks and the courtyard. I found an indoor play center but it's a full 30 mintues away ... Kelty is not tolerating car rides well lately but I think we'll try to get there tomorrow and check it out. It's only $6.00 for the day so we'll see!
Al's parents came for a brief visit to pick up and Pogo and Piper and take them to Maine until we make it up that way to catch our "hop" to Germany. Though they were only to stay 1 full day Kelty warmed up immediately! He always had to hold Mimi's or Papa's hand when we walked and always ran up to Papa to be held.
Kelty's 4th tooth finally popped through but it's not the one we expected! I think it's a molar? It's way in the back. I'll have to read up on it.

Chewing on an apple with Papa Clay

Kelty quickly mastered climbing up on the couch. He had so much energy Saturday night that we were all baffled ... I don't think he ended up going to bed until 8:30 which is 1 1/2 hours past his bed time.

After his bath we decided to let Kelty run out his energy in the hallway ... he ran back and forth between us for what seemed like 15 mintues ... he literally kept going and going and going. I'm sorry to the people that may have been occupying the rooms along the hallway.

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  1. Must be the age, Gabriele warmed right up to Al and Lynda too. On the other hand Isabella being three going on four, has a mind of her own. Typical of both the Clay's and the Lounder's....LOL


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