Thursday, February 5, 2009

Balloon in Tow

We have settled comfortably into our 2-bedroom suite complete with a kitchen and living room! The hotel has a complimentary breakfast and dinner and a nice little coffee bar. There is a great little courtyard for Kelty to run around and explore and the surrounding area seems very nice. All in all things have been going well and Kelty has adapted great!

On Tuesday we took a walk to the nearby CVS pharmacy for some baby wipes, etc and Kelty wouldn't stop "oohing" over the Valentine balloons so I let him pick one out. This little balloon has not left his grasp since I bought it for him ... he takes is to breakfast and dinner with him, he takes it on his walks and he even holds onto to while he plays with this other toys in the hotel room! It is sooo stinking cute!!!
I brought him out the courtyard yesterday afternoon to take some photos of him with this balloon ...

Al is enjoying his training and wearing civilian attire for the course! His immediate class is military (4-students total) but this facility in Dallas trains civilian pilots mostly ... he is really enjoying spending time with non-military aviators. Apparently this is where John Travolta does all of his annual refresher trainings as well ... cool! Al told me yesterday that Travolta was here last year and saw one of the military guys in the hallway ... Travolta wanted to know if he knew any KC-135 co-pilots as he was looking for a co-pilot for his 707 (civillian equivelant to KC-135) ... the sutdent said he was a few years out from going civillian but he could give him a few names of fellow KC-135 guys. No kidding, Travolt's "people" called the guy that night for "the list"! Dang! It's all about timing!


  1. Oh my goodness what a cutie! Glad to see you got there safe and Al's enjoying his training!

    Sorry I have nothing to post for you to look at, life isn't too exciting right now.

  2. Oh my gosh! It's amazing who you can meet and the contacts people can create!
    Kelty looks so darn cute with that balloon!
    Enjoy Dallas =)

  3. So cute! Glad Al is enjoying the class and you guys get to take advantage of the hotels free food and alcohol! :)

  4. LOVE IT!!! Kelty is so cute with his little ballon!!! Could you e-mail them to us so I can print them out to put up on the wall?? Looking forward to another update in your adventure to Germany!!!


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