Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Mohawk is Back!

I took Kelty in for his first official haircut today! We cut the hair around his ears back on Jan 18th (our friend Tina's mom actually trimmed it) but this was the first big haircut! I was so nervous, I thought Kelty was going to lose his "baby" look but I was happy with the result! I took Kelty to Cool Cuts for Kids, a salon that specializes in children's haircuts. He sat in a little car while watching his own personal TV playing the Backyardigans. He did well except when the hairstylist cut the hair at the nape of his neck ... Kelty is very ticklish and kept shrugging his shoulders and squirming to get away. I didn't get too many photo's because I ended up trying to entertain Kelty and trying to keep his curious hands away from the scissors!

After returning to the hotel and putting Kelty down for a nap we spent a good hour in the courtyard playing and doing a "post haircut photo shoot".

Sporting the Mohawk

Pointing at the birds ... when he see's them he says "Buh"

More birds ... he is so intent on the birds in the courtyard


  1. Yea for the mohawk! I love him with it. He's so freakin adorable! I'm forwarding the page to show him off to Uncle Shawn..


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