Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Al and I have been aggressively working towards this moment for over 10 years .... we paid off our last student loan! We graduated college with a whopping $84,000 in student loans ... this particular one at 7% interest. We were able to consolidate some, get decreased interest rates on others but the largest of them @ 7% was a private loan that despite repeat efforts over the last 10 years, could not be altered. Neither of us want to know how much we actually paid after interest!

Getting ready to press enter on our payment!

Kelty wanted to help

We celebrated by going out to a Mexican restaurant that was recommended by Al's instructor ... I had the BEST chicken fajitas I have ever tasted! Seriously, they were amazing. They came with a fajita butter that just kicked this dish into a league of its own. This place also had free dessert ... even better! Kelty had his 1st ice cream cone and actually started licking it like we were showing him. Eventually he figured how to stick his pacifier in the ice cream and then suck it off the paci ... he did this for at least 10 minutes. I wish I would have had the camera with us because it was such a cute moment!


  1. Congrats!! We were so happy to pay off our car, so I can't imagine how happy you are to have that debt taken care of! Kelty is adorable as always! How much more time in TX??

  2. Woohooo! Now more than ever is the time to get debts paid off! Congrats!


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