Monday, December 15, 2008

Snot, Steam Baths and a Sick Baby

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. We've been taking care of Kelty and his pretty intense cold. The cold was in full swing on Fri and Sat ... Sat being the worst. Poor little guy didn't even want to play or move around ... he just sat in our laps or on the floor surrounded by pillow and blankets. The nights were pretty miserable for him, I gave him a steam bath every 3 hours or so to help break up the congestion and the ease his cough. Today he's back to being pretty active but still blowing snot everywhere ... he's my little booger boy!

We did venture out yesterday to pick up the remainder of our Christmas gifts ... one gift that Al and I look forward to finding each year is his brother Mike's gag gift. We always know when we've found the perfect gift when we start laughing uncontrollably ... this year was no exception! We were laughing so hard in the store that everyone within sight seriously stopped what they were doing and stared at us. I can't tell you what the gift is but in year's past we've gifted him a doorknob hung on a wall plaque and a ball of moss. This year I think is the best yet!

Watching Sesame Street

Sitting with Teardrop. Teardrop was Al's stuffed toy when he was a baby!

Snitch is hanging out above the paino today!

This is a cute video from a few days ago ... Kelty figured out how to blow bubbles in Daddy's milk!


  1. I hate when they get sick like that. I hope he is feeling better and the pictures are just priceless.

  2. Awww. I love the "sesame street" picture. I can't wait to see him and squeeze him!


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