Friday, December 12, 2008

Meet "Snitchsnitchity" aka "Snitch"

We introduced Snitchsnitchity (he prefers Snitch) to the family today! Snitch is one of Santa's elves who lives with us throughout the holiday season and reports back to Santa every evening; letting him know if Kelty was naughty or nice. After Snitch's evening report to Santa he comes back to the house before Kelty wakes and sits in a different place ... making it fun for us to find him every morning. Let's hope each day you can help us find snitch in our blog pictures too!

Al read Kelty and I the story of "The Elf on the Shelf" when we welcomed Snitch to the family. This actually turned out pretty comical; Kelty was pretty antsy by the time we read the section of the story about not touching the elf or he could lose his magic. Kelty grabbed Snitch off my lap and rolled to the side and kicked Al in the groin ... I promptly lifted Kelty up and put him on the other side of me ... all the while he was staring at us with these big innocent eyes and biting Snitch's butt. Al and I were laughing hysterically!

Kelty is really having a lot of fun with his new book from Jake and Ryan.

This is a little video from Monday. Kelty has a hang of his little 4-wheeler.

Kelty, Al and I have been coloring together with the chunky crayons I made. I was in the kitchen yesterday while Kelty was exploring and I heard a scratching sound, I poked my head around the corner and he was coloring by himself! He seriously crawled to the table, flipped the paper to a fresh page, grabbed a crayon and colored. Of course today he decided to color all over the table before I caught him ... sigh.


  1. What fun! I put the crayons you made out in the cups. At one point, Jake was coloring on it! The table is great though and washed up nicely. When I was watching your video all I could think of was your table getting colored on! It's a good thing they're all so cute!

  2. You made crayons?

    It looks like Kelty is really starting to get around, he'll be running soon! Oh boy..


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