Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back from Maine!

We made it back from Maine late Sunday night ... the trip back went something like this: 3 days, over 30 hours, bumper to bumper from New Jersey to Georgia (I'm not kidding), screaming baby and a mommy and daddy in tears! We must say the trip was worth it though, we had a WONDERFUL and RELAXING Christmas vacation in Maine and also spent an evening of our return trip with our friends the Wiggins in Connecticut. Al has already left for a quick TDY, we had a showing today of our house and I have yet to unpack all of our luggage ... it's been nuts! I'll re-cap our holiday vacation with photos and captions ... here we go (we had over 300 photos of our Christmas in Maine and it was hard to pick just a few ... maybe I'll add a few more tomorrow).

Every chance we had we sat down for a game of Seafarer's of Catan with Al's brother Mike and his wife Sue. Each game takes hours to play ... it's a game of strategy and it's addicting! Game wins ... Jaime: 4, Al :1, Sue: 1 .... Mike 0 (so sorry Mikey ... better luck next time! :o)
We has some GREAT snowfall during our stay and we were actually snowed-in one day! We took advantage of Kelty's nap time and built a snow fort!
Kelty's 1st little adventure out into the cold. He looked so cute in his winter gear ... so does Daddy!
Our visit with Al's grandmother.
After our visit with Nana we went hunting for the Christmas tree. It was bitter cold outside and Mike, Sue and I won the "tall and thin" vote over Al's "tall and full" choice. Mike had to treck through the snow to cut down our choice. Kelty fell asleep and stayed in the car with Mom Clay.
Ok, there is a story behind my super cool "toilet paper roll glasses" that I used to "see sound" ... Mike (Al's brother) is in medical school ... these glasses were inspired by one of the patients he encountered during his psych rotation.
Every year since since we were babies, my dad has read us "Twas the Night Before Christmas" ... when we are not home for Christmas he reads us the story over the phone. This is a photo of Kelty listening to Papa Reichlin read the story.
Kelty munching on a Pumpkin donut on Christmas morning.

Kelty checking out his little dump truck from Mimi and Papa!

This is one of Al's gag gifts from Mike .. but this is a totally cool gift we can't wait to use! This was actually from the 50's ... it's a big ball of soap on a metal rod .. the metal rod screws into the wall by your sink ... you just rub your hands over the soap ball! How cool is that and why don't they make them anymore?

Another gift from Mike and Sue ... can you figure out what our new doormat says?

Al's gag gift to Mike ... an ornament that says "Larry" ... hahahahahahaha! What the heck is he supposed to do with an ornament with someone else's name on it!!!!

Kelty playing in his tunnel from Nana and Papa!


  1. We're so happy that you made it home safely! We can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Glad you're back! Does the doormat say "Welcome!" then something is forbidden?? My high school german is failing me!

  3. Are guys going to use the doormat? I vote "yes"! It's too funny not to.
    Glad you're back!


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