Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kelty's 1st Birthday - Part 2

I'm making this post from my hotel room in Miami ... I left the house around 6:30am and finally made it to Homestead at 12:30 thanks to an accident that had me stopped from an hour and an attempt to get gas at an exit where there were no gas stations! What a way to start my work weekend! Grrr!

So here are a few more pictures of Kelty's big day yesterday. Oh! And I had "a moment" with Kelty the day of his birthday ... I was sitting on the floor with some of the girls and chatting while the kids played, Kelty crawled up on my lap, layed his head on my chest and gave me a hug ... out of the blue! It was like he came over to say "thanks for the party mom". That little moment just made my heart swell ... I wanted to hold onto that little moment forever! Ok ... back to the photos!
I had a musical Christmas decoration on our coffee table that I left out for the kids to enjoy for a while.

So ... I picked up a pack of candles at the store and had no idea that they were the special sparkler kind that kept relighting ... Kelty wasn't a fan and I was a little embarrased!

This is the photo that I copied from Michelle's blog ... Evangeline came over to help Kelty with his cake! How cute!

Happy eating cake with his spoon.

He made a pretty good dent in it.

Ce-le-brate good time c'mon! Evangeline gave Kelty a musical card ... it was a hit!

This is such a cute photo of Catherine checking out her party favor.

Silly Daddy! Al was playing with Kelty in his ball pit later that day and decided to give him a little extra under his shirt.

I love this little picture of Kelty.

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  1. Kelty look too cute with his little outfit on:o) He is just a cutie pie, enjoy every minute of it:o)


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