Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Kelty - Part 1

Kelty turned the big ONE today! It was such a wonderful and exciting day for us ... thank-you to our wonderful families for sending their love and wishes and thank-you to our dear friends that celebrated with us today! Before I share the events of the day ... I want share a few photos taken throughout the year .... here we go!

1:17 pm ... our first time with Kelty

6 Weeks Old

5 Months

6 Months

8 Months

1 Year

Kelty woke up just after 6am this morning .... it's like he new today was a big day for him! Al and I had set up the living room with his new toys (play tent/tunnel and his little 4-wheeler). I tried to capture his reaction in a video for Al to see later after he got home from work.

His party was at 12pm so I spent the morning getting everything together. Kelty napped from 10:30 until noon ... Al got home around 11:45 and we woke Kelty up just in time to be greeted by his friends Catherine and Evangeline! I have tons of photos from today but I'll only share a few this evening since I have to get up early to drive to Miami tomorrow ... I'll post more tomorrow evening after work!

The start of the party! Catherine was sporting her ponytail while checking out Kelty's Exersaucer (front left), Bear had just arrived (right of center) and Ryan in the background checking out the tent.

The party migrated to the bedroom for a bit while Jake cruised around on Kelty's 4-wheeler ... he picked up Kelty along the way!

We kept Pogo and Piper outside for the party. The kids like to go visit them every once in a while. Here's Evangeline checking out Piper.

Kelty and his cake! It took him a little bit to start in on the cake, he didn't want to touch it with his hands (reminds me of his normal meals!). After I gave Kelty a spoon he enjoyed his cake much more! Evangeline came over to help Kelty ... it was hilarious! Michelle has a cute photo of it on her blog (which I'm going to steal and post here later!). :o)

Time for presents. Jake and Ryan gave Kelty "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" book; it also happens to be Jake and Ryans favorite book. After Kelty unwrapped it Evangeline and Jake came over to show Kelty how cool the book was! They are too cute! You should have seen Jakes eyes light up ... he sped over to the book like a bolt of lightning!

Bear brought Kelty an Elmo Peak-n-Seak! This picture cracks me up because Catherine LOVES Sesame Street and you can see her peeking around me to check out Kelty's new toy! I think the kids made a dash for this too! The kids are hilarious to watch when all the toys made their debut!

So this brings a wrap to Part 1 of Kelty's Birthday ... I'll have more up tomorrow!

Thanks again to EVERYONE who made this such a wonderful and special day!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kelty. You are a precious gift like no other! XX00

  2. Happy Birthday Kelty! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you.
    I love the "I don't know" shoulder shrug in the video. Too cute!


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