Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kelty's Lil' Pumpkin and Other News

Our weekend flew by, not quite sure where it went. Most of the tasks we set out to accomplish this weekend were flops but at least we ended the weekend on a good note ... Kelty has his 1st pumpkin! We don't have cool pumpkin patches here in Tampa so our little hunt for a pumpkin took us to a large tent set up on the side of the road. Most of the pumpkins were rotten but Kelty loved standing amongst them and beating them like a drum. Here are a few pics ...
A rare family shot!

Oooh ... this is neat!

This is the one!

In other news ... the Gymboree Play and Music Centers in the Tampa Bay area have unexpectantly closed; they filed bankruptcy. One day they were open ... the next day the doors were closed. Though I'm not happy about being out the money for the 16 week tuition I am truly devastated for Kelty. He is such an active little boy and he has lost the freedom to climb and explore in a place that was suitable and safe for this type of activity ... also lost was the wonderful interaction with other children, fun little songs, bubble time and parachute play. Of course we can play bubbles at home and I sing and play with him all day long but I also enjoy the oppotunity for a guided class with some fresh ideas. It's nice to get out of the house for playtime a few times a week! We also had a wonderful teacher with such a beautiful singing voice ... I can't exactly hold a tune ... no matter how simple the song. :o)


  1. He is the cutest Pumpkin ever!! I really miss being around him..and of course you two also. I feel bad about the Gymboree. John Charles and I did that in Virginia and I know that he really enjoyed it. Maybe something else will open up. Miss ya Give Kelty a big HUG from Aunt Jessica

  2. So is the what having kids is all about??? You guys look AWESOME! Happy Autumn!


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