Monday, October 13, 2008

Week in Review

I don't know where the time went since my last blog! It was a busy week filled with home showings which was a good thing but such an inconvenience. The dogs have thwarted my attempts to keep them out of the house and off the property during the showings ... they don't play well with strangers so they have to be out of the house. The first few showings I was able to put them in the neighbors backyard which was perfect, however I was quite alarmed when I came back to the house after a realtor finished with the home only to find the dogs inside ... what the! My two chihuahua's managed to dig a whole under the fence and into our yard and then proceed to eat a hole through our screened-in pool deck so they could get into the house! Every time I block the holes they just dig new ones! Now I have to pack up the dogs and drive around in the car every time a realtor comes to show the house ... what a pain. Yesterday we had 3 showings in one day and today we had 1 showing that was over 3 hours late! Grrrrr.

In other news ... my sister Rachel came to visit for a few days. It's been so nice to have company! We had a movie night complete with popcorn and Oreo cookies (yumm) and of course we always have fun in the kitchen (we tried making a peanut butter and jelly french toast).

Well, I don't have many photos of the week but I have two cute videos. Enjoy!

This little feeding spoon by Boone is AWESOME! I was skeptical when I bought this thing but it is great! You fill the container with baby food and then squeeze it out directly into the attached spoon ... no mess! Kelty loved it and would not let go of this thing ... I literally had to squeeze the food out while it was still in his mouth. I've used it for normal applesauce and also stage 3 foods. Good find!

Kelty finally figured how to "sing" into the microphone!

Kelty's new game is running in circles in his jumper. He also like to run and then pick up his feet. He was cracking Rachel and I up!

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