Friday, October 24, 2008

Al is Home ... Ribbit Ribbit!

Things are GREAT in the Clay house ... Al is back from his deployment. He flew in late Tuesday night. This week has been quite busy, as it always seems to be. My neighbors were out of town for 4 days and I had their 9 year old daughter staying with me ... I guess it was a preview of my future ... packing lunches, getting a child off to school in the morning, fixing snacks, playing games, making early dinners and helping with homework. It was a fun time .. really, I enjoyed it! I also had another custom ChichiKids order and a ChichiClay order to fill this week. It truly made the days leading up to Al's return pass quickly. Unfortunately we all have colds this week and we had to miss out on Evangaline's 1st Birthday and Gymboree this week. :o( We were able to take Kelty in for his Halloween photo's on Wednesday ... the photographer had a rough time getting a good photo of Kelty ... he's a mover ... but we were able to get a few OK photos. Nothing spectacular but nice. Here are a few photos of the week!

Daddy is back! Kelty was playing shy but quicky warmed up. While we were waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting for Al to fly in, Kelty was clapping and waving like crazy! He loves to wave and then gets excited and claps. It is so stinking cute!

Ribbit! Kelty loves to bounce and hop ... what better costume than a frog for his 1st Halloween!

Looking like such a big boy in his jeans and t-shirt!

Cute in his little hoodie ... who can resist this little face!


  1. I'm so happy that AL is home!
    Kelty's costume is SOOOO darn cute!
    You know that GYmboree is closed...out of business. Very sad.

    See you soon!

  2. I had no idea Al got home this week. So happy for all of you. Also, I don't know what you're talking about: those costume photos of Kelty are adorable! Straight out of a Tom Arma calendar.

  3. I LOVE that last pic with his sweet puffy cheeks! I just want to bite them!! :)

  4. Ha! I laughed out loud when I saw his frog costume. He's so darn cute! Good job Jaime. What are you and Al going to be if Kelty's a frog? I want to see a picture of your hair too! Hello!?


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