Tuesday, January 26, 2010

... That's a Wrap!

I didn't want to jinx the purpose of our trip, hence no posts for the last two weeks ... but Al and I returned to the "states" and are now back in Germany! It was a whirlwind of traveling, working, and visiting old friends.

Despite living in Germany, I'm stilled employed as an entertainer/performer at Walt Disney World ... in order to keep my employed status and my "show" approvals I'm required to perform at least once a year. Performing means a great deal to me, it's my outlet ... and a way to hold onto a bit of my youth ... not to mention an awesome experience to perform in a large venue! Al, Kelty and I took a leap of faith, flew to Baltimore, rented a car, drove to FL and then I crossed my fingers in hopes that my requests to "pick-up" show would be approved ... and thank goodness, our efforts were not in vain! I was able to perform 4 shows and stay approved in my old tracks. Hallelujah!

So lets move along to the trip ...

THURSDAY ... We caught a "military hop" directly out of Ramstein ... tell me this is not the scariest toddler face! Thankfully Kelty did really well on our travels and this "you have no idea what I'm going to throw your way" face did not show itself again! Yikes!

FRIDAY ... After arriving in Baltimore we rented a car and drove down to SC to spend the evening with my sister, Rachel and her husband, Shawn. It was a quick visit but really nice! Shawn is high on "cool" meter with Kelty ... Kelty digs boats! Kelty was taking a moment to take a picture of Uncle Shawn's boat.

SATURDAY ... After a night in SC we headed down to Tampa to stay with our old neighbors and AWESOME friends, Tina and Jordan. Tina got her "toddler fix" playing with Kelty ... I think it was also a good "birth control method" too! Hahaha! We stayed with Tina and Jordon the rest of our time in FL ... it was WAY to short! We also had the chance to visit our "other neighbors" and great friends, Lisa and AD. It was strange staying next to our house ... but we met our renters and we think they are great!

SUNDAY ... Before heading in for my first shift at Fantasmic!, we ate Moe's for lunch!! I LOVE MOE'S ... and hadn't had it for a year! We ate Moe's twice! Whoop whoop!

MONDAY ... While Tina and Jordan were at work, Al and I met our great friends Adam and Michelle, their daughter (and Kelty's buddy) Catherine, and their newest addition Conner at the Brandon Mall. It didn't take long for the kiddo's to re-connect!

Catherine and Kelty ... too soon to arrange the marriage?

Awww, sigh.

Before we met up ... we took Kelty on the carousel.

TUESDAY ... My dear friend Lindsey stopped by the house for visit and brought her new baby, Gunnar! Lindsey and I met at Disney and worked MANY a shift together! We both had long commutes and spent a lot of time chatting on our cell phones to keep eachother awake after our 12:30am "out-times" following the Christmas parades at Disney.

WEDNESDAY ... The old gang was back together! We set-up a playdate with Kelty's old buddies (our buddies too!) and met at a new park in Lakeland! It was AWESOME and Kelty had a blast!

It was non-stop movement for the kiddo's! I snapped a quick pic of Kelty while he took a breather on the "grass".

The kids sliding down the hill ... it was quite a site! Scooting down on the left is Kelty ... Catherine is sliding down into Jake ... I think that's Ryan walking up the hill in the back.

Kelty running through the tunel under the hill ... if you can enlarge the photo, his face is hilarious.

Slide wars! Catherine and Kelty at the bottom of the slide duking out "ownership". :o)

Ryan making his way out of the tunnel ... Kelty was lounging at the bottom.

After the park we rallied over at Ruby Tuesday's ... what a site ... 5 tots, 1 infant, 4 moms and a daddy (Al)! Ok, so Kelty isn't that short ... he was just sitting back on the bench! He is the shortest of the bunch though.

THURSDAY ... I had my second and final (not FINAL ... just final for this trip) show at Disney! We decided to go early and meet up with the Travis's and enjoy a few hours in the park with the kids. The kids are so much to watch! I see Disney through different eyes now that we have Kelty! Here we are with some of Kelty's favorite characters ... Lightning McQueen and Mater ... he was actually more excited than what he appears!

Here are the Travis's waiting for Playhouse Disney!

Kelty was excited about something!

FRIDAY ... we started our trip back up to Baltimore and stopped and Shawn and Rachel's again on the way up. We originally planned to stay 2 nights but our flights were moved up a day. :o( Despite our quick visit ... we had a great time!

Shawn and Rachel took us out to see the sights on Saturday before we headed out.

More "cool" points for Uncle Shawn!

We made it back to Germany on Monday night ... totally exhausted! Just in case you were wondering ... during Kelty's naps back in Tampa ... I hit JoAnn Fabrics and Micheal's Crafts! Tina and I also hit Target Tuesday evening! Our "extra" suitcase came back to Germany full of fabric, craft supplies, and pajama's for Kelty!

Ok ... now I can get back to my normal blogging schedule! This 2-week lapse totally stressed me out!


  1. That's AWESOME that you were able to do four shows!!! It looks like Kelty also had a blast...Thanks for the update:o)....Nikki

  2. LOVED this blog post! What a great way to sum it all up! Holy cow, I laughed so loud when I enlarged the tunnel pic that I think I may have woken the boys! I remember when you took that pic and didn't remember him making such a funny face. Thanks for the laugh. We had a wonderful time seeing you again!

  3. You are so good at sharing great moments with your family and friends. Every picture and every little comment is worth big smiles and some chuckles. You packed it all in,did your shows,met with friends, shopped at Joanns (without me) and were still standing when you got home. I look every day to make sure I don't miss some great stuff. Love You

  4. I found your blog through Pintrest and was looking at older posts. The funnier part is I live a stones throw from Common Ground park where you all had played. Hope you enjoyed it as much as my little ones dO.


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