Friday, January 1, 2010

Revisting 2009

2009 was a year of big changes ... we had many a tearful good-bye, opened our hearts to new friends, witnessed amazing changes in Kelty and embraced our new life in Germany. Here are some highlights of our year ...

January 2009
We left our home in Tampa and said good-bye to a lot of special friends ... including Kelty's 1st group of buddies, our neighbors "on both sides", and my fellow performers and friends at Disney.

February 2009
We lived in a hotel in Dallas, TX the month of February while Al learned how to fly his new airframe, the C-21. Kelty and I spent a lot of time in the courtyard at the hotel, playing in nearby parks and enjoying the beautiful weather.

March 2009
After a nice visit in Michigan to say good-bye to my parents. We traveled to DC, said a farewell to the U.S. and moved to Germany. Mom and Dad Clay were with us during our move and while we lived in a Temporary Living Facility (TLF) on-base while we searched for a home.

April 2009
After an exhausting search, we moved into our rental home in Germany and started exploring Europe. Our first adventure was a day-trip to Heidelberg Castle.

May 2009

Kelty started living up to his nickname "Stinker". Kelty's personality really took full bloom and he became more fun and more challenging! Al's work schedule was challenging and exhausting for all of us but fortunately we got some relief a few months down the road.

June 2009
Kelty started swim lessons and proved to be a good little swimmer like his daddy ... luckily he is not a "sinker" like mommy! We took Kelty on several nature walks, bike rides, and his first circus .

July 2009
We started some serious traveling in July. Our travels took us to Sorrento, Italy where we visited Pompeii and took in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. In the same trip we visited Rome for 3-days and explored the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica and the Colosseum.

August 2009
August brought some nice changes to our lifestyle ... Al moved to a different unit and his flying schedule evened-out enough that our lives felt more balanced. We celebrated our 11-year anniversary and visited Paris.

September 2009
The wine season began! Our neighbors took us to their favorite wine village, St. Martin, where walked through the vineyards the local way! We also visited our first pumpkin festival with Kelty.

October 2009
Kelty started the "Mothers-Day-Out" program at a nearby learning academy (tear) and adapted very well! We spent a weekend in Switzerland with our friends the Wagner's and their 2 little ones. We traveled through the Black Forest and bought a handmade cuckoo clock, explored Zurich, and wrapped up the trip with quick visit to Luzern. Kelty trick-or-treated for the first time and I pulled "Reserve" duty with my new unit at Ramstein.

November 2009
I finished up my "Reserve" time, Mike and Sue came to visit, and our travels continued. We spent a long weekend in Paris mid-month and wrapped things up with a memorable vacation to Innsbruck, Austria where we skied the Alps during the Thanksgiving holiday.

December 2009
Al, Kelty and I took a last-minute trip to Spain where we visited Seville, Rota and Gibraltar. Kelty turned 2 ... it's going by too fast! We spent Christmas across the ocean from most of our family but were thankful to have Mike and Sue with us in Germany. We enjoyed the holiday season visiting Christmas markets, eating great food, drinking Gluhwein and enjoying the comfort of family.

Don't let us down 2010!


  1. You guys had such a busy year! And Kelty changed so much in such a short time. As always, I love reading about your journeys and keeping up with the photos.

  2. Great recap! Wow, I didnt remember that you left Tampa in January. I remember that picture of the kids on the bench like it was yesterday. These years are going by too fast! I'm so excited that you'll be coming back for a visit soon. It's been too long!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Nana and PapaJanuary 03, 2010

    You have a real gift for telling the story of your family and keeping us all close.
    Kelty is the most beautiful little boy! You and Al are such terrific parents! We love you


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