Friday, January 29, 2010

Fly On The Wall ...

If you were a fly on the wall in our house, this what you would have heard this week ...

"Ow! Kelty, stop biting my toe!"

"Kelty, don't put dog food in the dishwasher!"

"That's 1 ... That's 2 ...That's 3 ... CORNER!"

"Stop licking me. Kelty, no licking!"

On the cuter side of things ... Kelty spent a little time "doctoring" Elmo this morning. Please excuse Kelty's "bad hair morning"!

Now let's check your reflexes ...

MmmHmm ... looks good, let me just take some notes

Ok, take a deep breath ... and exhale.


  1. hmm looks like he is quite the serious Dr. Must have been an emergency and combing his hair wasn't important. How did your hair look after the rest of that day? Hah He is full of mischief like "Ellie the elf" Remember Ellie who would sit on the shelf and she got blamed for all sorts of things. I just want to hug you both.

  2. So cute! Jake licks us ALL the time! YUCK! Loved all the Keltyisms and have been laughing about your email every day this week. :)


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