Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shoo Fly!

Kelty has a strong dislike for fly's ... it's actually quite funny. Everyday he has me chasing around a fly with the fly swatter and relentlessly whines until the fly is gone ... there's no pretending to kill a fly either (he know the difference). This video is a month old but I had to post it .... especially since I just finished my morning fly hunt with Kelty's finger pointing frantically at the offender.

In our attempts to get Kelty to say "bye" to the fly ... he waves instead! Oh Kelty!


  1. ha, that's really cute!

  2. Poor Kelty, I felt so bad for the little guy!!! Manni was and still is like that with all bugs now. Isabella and Gabriele on the other hand pick up everything and play with it!!!


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