Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is The Dry Spell Over Yet???

I really hope my blogging dry spell is over ... sorry everyone! Al's work and school schedule has been crazy which has prevented us from doing much as a family the last 2 weeks so I guess I haven't felt like blogging much. Hopefully I'm out of my funk now!

Last Sunday Al and I met at the circus for Kelty's first circus experience! Kelty loved it but we had to leave early because he wanted to run around ... there was NO containing him! You'd swear all I fed my child was coffee and chocolate based on his energy level! Here's a bit of what we were able to enjoy before we left ....

Kelty 1st pony ride! This was during intermission; funny little story here .... The performances were going strong, everything was great and then the "ringmaster" came out and made an announcement (in German of course) and everyone started to get up. Al and I were looking around like "what the heck, it's over?" ... we finally found a couple that spoke English and they told us it's intermission and everyone is going back to see the animals! Phew ...... we almost left!

In other news ... Kelty just started his 3rd session of swim lessons! After the 1st session he was bumped up into Parent-Tot Stage 2 (even though he didn't meet the age requirement yet) ... that's our little overachiever! :o) Kelty is an "Angelfish" ... awwww. Each session is two weeks long, 4-days per week ... we are at the pool alot! It really is a nice start to our day and Kelty loves his time in the water ... which really makes me happy too!
Speaking of which ... time to throw on the swimsuits and head to the pool!


  1. Cool circus! I think Catherine would love to see one too!

    Woo Hoo for swimming lessons...aren't they fun?!

    We're glad that you are up and blogging again!

  2. I bet Kelty loved it! The girl with the legs...creepy..

  3. Okay, I have to agree with your sister that girl with her legs was just CREEPY!!! Other then that I am sure Kelty had a blast!!! Love the pictures and thanks so much for the updates, you are much better at it then I could EVER be:o)


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