Friday, July 24, 2009

Readers BEWARE .... Vent Session!

I am completely DONE with Al's flying schedule ... yup, no more tolerance. Allow me to vent in a bullet format since it will be easier to follow:

- It is normal for the guys to fly every day here ... OK, I can accept that ... it's just unfortunate that Al is gone ALL DAY ... most days he is out the door by 6:30 and does not walk in the door until 7pm (if at all the same day). I understand this is not an enjoyable schedule for him either.

- I saw Al one day this week ...lovely.

- This is Al's 2nd overnight trip this week ... his plane broke down in Sicily today ... lovely.

- The plane cannot be fixed until at least NEXT Wednesday ... lovely.

- We leave for our vacation THIS Sunday ... lovely.

- Arrangements have been made to get Al home early. I do appreciate the fact that he was not forced out of his leave and our planned vacation .... however I am truly annoyed at the circumstances right now. Lovely.

- I finally decided to make a hair appointment for myself in an attempt to look nice ... oh, that appt is for Saturday ... oh, Al will not be home yet ... oh, I must bring an antsy toddler to a hair appt where I will attempt to keep him entertained in a chair during a cut and color ... SUPER lovely!

- We have NO iternary or plans for this vacation ... I have tried ... there is only so much I can do during Kelty's 1-hour nap time. I have to squeeze that in tomorrow too ... lovely.

- The yardwork needs to be done before we leave, as we will have houseguests taking care of the dogs. I do the yardwork ... I have pretty much since we got here. Lovely.

- We are not packed for the trip ... at all ... not one sock, not one pair of undies. I will add that to my "to do" list for tomorrow. Lovely.

- I have to get the house ready for our housesitters ... I refuse to leave the house anything shy of emaculate for our houseguests ... that just wouldn't be right. Lovely.

- I have to go to the grocery store and stock the house with food and buy "Kelty" food and supplies for the trip ... tomorrow. Lovely.

- I HAVE to go the post office tomorrow and mail a package before we leave for Rome.

So ..... tomorrow's TO DO list (which I am solely responsible for) looks like this ...

* Pack for 3 people
* Clean the house (bathrooms, floors, fridge, kitchen, etc)
* Finish laundry
* Grocery shopping
* Post office
* Hair Salon
* Yardwork
* Build some sort of itinerary
* On-line check-in for flight
* Confirm reservation info for 3 hotels and 1 rental car

And 1 more thing ... I literally have NO clothes to wear ... I'm really not exagerating. For my Bday (over a month and a half ago) Al gave me the awesome gift of a shopping spree. I made an attempt to go shopping one Saturday afternoon but had to end my trip early because Al got called into work on a Saturday ... and this is why I am EXTRA annoyed that I have no clothes to wear. I have not had 1 day ... not 1 single day ... can I just have 1-day to make myself feel better ... I'd even take a few hours?

There ... I'm done! :o)


  1. I am so sorry Jaime!!! Do you have a baby sitter that you could have come over for the day or for at least a few hours; so you can have some "ME TIME". The only other thing I could suggest is take a deep breath and take one or two things off your list. The house does not have to be perfect and forget the yard work if you can till you come home. If you have to go shopping with Kelty buy him a snack that he usually does not get (like chips) and just try to enjoy the time that you have to buy yourself something:o) One other thing if you can put the post office off then I would do that as well!!! Good Luck!!!

  2. Hey Jaime,
    I'm so sorry things are frustrating right now! I would suggest a babysitter too, but I know that's not always easy and doesn't always help the situation. Do your best to get through tomorrow and then, HURRAY a vacation! I'm sure you will have an amazing time!! Take lots of pictures =)

  3. As horrible as tomorrow (or today) will be, enjoy Rome and all the Al time you can get! Make sure to schedule an alone day into the itinerary since the AF can't get to Al in Rome (at least I hope for your sake!).

  4. Ugh. I'm sorry to hear about Al's schedule and your growing to do list and frustration. I wish I were closer so I could help. I'm glad you have the blog to gripe on so you can get it all out at once for everyone to sympathize with. Just keep telling yourself: tomorrow at this time, it will be tomorrow (at this time). Some of those tomorrows will be in Italy and that's nothing to sneeze at. Take care Jaime. Hugs to you!

  5. AnonymousJuly 27, 2009

    Hope you are able to get some 'me' time in the very near future. You deserve it (we all deserve it!)


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