Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alstadt Festival

Ok ... so still haven't cleaned off the memory stick so no brand new photos but I do have couple photos from the weekend. Al is "stuck" in Spain ... I know, tough! They flew to Spain the other day and took a bird in the engine during landing, yikes! They had to wait for a maintenance crew to get there and check things out and he should be back sometime today. I totally had time to clean off the memory stick last night while he was gone but I got sucked into watching a M.J. tribute ... quite touching actually.

Anyway ... here are a few photos and a video from the the Alstadt Festival (old town festival) in Kaiserslautern last weekend.

They have an open-air produce market every Tues and Sat. Very nice!

This vocal group sang "a capella"... they were fabulous ... Kelty thought so too!

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