Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Tell The Tale Tuesday!

Thanks for the AWESOME "tales". Al and I had a great laugh reading ALL of your comments! We look forward to reading what ya'll come up with next week!

Thought I'd try something a little different ... don't know if this idea was born out my laziness to write a blog today or just pure genius but this is what we're doing.

"You Tell The Tale Tuesday" ... I want to read your captions/interpretations/story behind the photo's. Make it cute, clever, silly, serious, whatever ... have fun! Leave your "tale" as a comment ...


  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2009

    Well in the first pic, Kelty is obviously very involved with catching up on this past season of Lost. And in the second, getting ready to go to work on the railroad!

  2. Hmmmm...Mr. Bear, on the end, has his paw thrown up like something just caught him by suprise, Raggady Andy has his face buried with only his little eyes showing, Kelty just can't believe what happened, his jaw just fell open, is that elmo whose looking down at the blanket...Pogo of course doesn't care about anything but the doorbell. They must be watching the Thriller Video, one of endless video reruns of Michael Jackson ??

  3. Well,interrestingly,I noticed what looked like a tab,tape,plastic foreign object on Kelty's chest. And he doesn't usually sit still in the day time. This is a mystery. I think that a medicine man was hired to set Kelty up with a unit that gives him a burst of slow metabolism every few hours so Mom doesn't go nuts from the constant running,jumping,climbing,balancing,dive bombing off furniture that is usually Kelty's normal day.
    He looks a little wide eyed and willing to cuddle up and watch a show with all his friends who make him feel good

    Only Nana would think that this is a medical bandage from a little mishap

    Am I right?

  4. My mommy has left me at home with very strict instructions not to leave the couch. However, as soon as she left I gathered my furry friends and I gave Elmo a nudge up into the cupboard to get my sippy cup in which Pogo let me borrow some of his water. We all nestled on the couch and I found the TV remote and turned on the TV. In the second pic is the look on Kelty's face when he realizes that his daddy forgot to put on the parental locks and he could not believe what he saw......to be conitnued.:()

  5. I'd guess Kelty sat down with his friends to catch up on some Sesame Street. After studying his Elmo, he wanted to wear a hat (just like Elmo's in the top pic) and play.

  6. Photo One is EASY ... The Boy with the MOST Toys wins ... Mr Bear is just "geeking" at the camera ( thats what we call it in the skydiving world - remember ) and the "guard dog" is just bored with the whole thing !

  7. Photo Two is a little more avant guard ... its like he is saying one thing but definatly thinking another ...
    "Ok mum - if you say so" !
    Savvy ?


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