Sunday, June 7, 2009

This, That and The Other

It's been over a week ... yikes! When I run this far behind on my blog I like to re-cap with minimal text and cut straight to the pictures ... so, without further ado .....

Last weekend I went out for a "Girls Night" with a few friends! SO MUCH FUN! We went to the Schnapps House and it was amazing ... it really deserved a blog entry of its own. We arrived at 6:30 and didn't finish our 5-course meal until after 11pm!

We went to our first playgroup on Wednesday! Whoohoo! I found out about a Ramstein group called "Mom 2 Mom"; they meet every Wed. Last weeks outing was to the wild nature park.

Kelty running around the bird cages waiting for the bird show ... this little area freaked me out a little ... there were HUGE Vultures and HUGE Hawks.

Every time the Hawk would fly by, Kelty would go "ooh" and clap

Kelty turned 18 months last week! Whoa!! He is finally doing well with the diversity of foods he will eat and I think eats like a "normal" toddler now! Finally! This little photo was taken before I turned my back to the table ....

.... and when I turned my back

In 2nd place to his tap shoes, Kelty's favorite shoes are his rainboots ... he put these on by himself and started running around th house.

Kelty's favorite food group ... fruit. Here he is munching on a nectarine ... the first time he's actually liked a nectarine. His top 5: 1-Raspberries, 2-Mandarine Oranges, 3-Banana's, 4-Blueberries, 5-Peach Slices

Kelty has been "jumping" for a few weeks now ... my memory card was full so I didn't get to the part where he actually started "jumping" over his toys ... future video I guess! I swear my child does wear clothes at home ... we were just getting ready for his bath so that's why he was in his diaper.

Oh! We signed Kelty up for a swim lessons ... we got in! We meet 4-days a week for 2 weeks ... whoa! They run sessions back-to-back so we'll be able to keep going if we like the program.


  1. I'm so glad you found a playgroup! YEAH! And hooray for getting into swim lessons! Kelty is super cute as always!

  2. Wow, he looks like such a big boy now! I'm SO happy you found a playgroup and I hope you enjoy the swim lessons. =)

  3. Nan and PapaJune 08, 2009

    Pap should be there for meal time. Whoa,what would he say little Mr. Kelty?! Looks like your Aunt Jessica taught you to jump,what a riot.
    Nana misses her little boy,well we all do!
    Love and hugs to all of you


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