Monday, June 29, 2009

Otterberg Festival and Al's Birthday

We had a productive, busy and fun weekend! Friday, after a very long workday for Al ... he had a 0430 show time and 2 flights, Al and I had a "date-night" at home; we watched a movie in our home theatre. :o) We kicked off our Saturday with some heavy yardwork ... cutting down tree's and clearing an area in the yard for a "play area" for Kelty. Far from done so there are no photos. At 3pm I went to a Pampered Chef party hosted by our friend Jo. After the party I went back to the house to grab Al and Kelty and we all walked down into Otterberg to enjoy the kick-off of our festival. Al was on "alert" all weekend so unfortunately was not able to enjoy any beer. At 10:30pm I headed out to meet my friend Chrissy for a movie on base! Whoa ... late night! On Sunday morning we bolted awake to the sound of a band and cannons at 6am!!!! From 6am-9am there was a band roaming through the streets in Otterrberg to wake people up for the festival! At 1:00pm Al, Kelty and I along with our neighbors Evi and Heinz walked downtown for the parade ... it was awesome and Kelty loved it. After the parade everyone walks into the forest to continue the party! Saturday evening we celebrated Al's 37th Bday with dinner and cake with some friends ... here's the documentation on our weekend!
This portion of the festival was held in the towncenter ... in the church square. They had live music, plenty of food and drink! Otterberg is over 800 years old ... the festival has been held every year for the last 200 years.

Kelty enjoying some ice cream ... it was 9pm!
Passing out beer! Throughout the parade folks were pulling beer carts and handing out cups for free ... Germany rocks! The parade participants didn't hold back either ... drinking beer on the floats and even the marching bands in between songs ... it was awesome!

Kelty holding onto some of his loot! He ended up with a HUGE amount of candy, a balloon, 2 potted plants, 2 flowers, and a piece of sausage ... yup, they were handing out sausage too! Ha!

This parade made me think alot about my Dad (not that I don't all the time anyway) ... I remember him cracking our horse-training whip when I was little. They also played "The Saints Go Marching In" which is a song my dad used to sing with us all the time (and still does). So Dad ... even though we are separated by a big ocean ... you're still here!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

The Birthday Gang. So ... Al's cake ... it was a 2-layer cake until I forgot about the other half and left it in the oven for an hour! It was like a cake frisbee ... he ended up with 1/2 a cake!


  1. Happy Birthday Al!! That parade looks amazing! I'm green with envy!

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