Thursday, May 28, 2009

Toots and Laughter

I took Kelty to the indoor pool/play area on-base yesterday ... it was a hit. Kelty loves the water; I actually think bath time is his favorite part of the day. Registration for swim lessons opens up next Fri at 6am ... the women told us to sign up as early as possible because the classes get filled-up immediately! Whoa ... looks like Al will have to sign him up first thing in the morning that day (on his way to work)! I don't have any pool pictures because I couldn't manage the camera and a tot in the pool at the same time ... maybe next time when Al is able to join us.

Yesterday evening Al was giving Kelty "raspberries" ... I just call them "belly toots". I asked Kelty if he could give daddy "belly toots" ... here is the result!

Sorry for the loud laughter ... at least I wasn't snorting!

I had a few bags of groceries that needed to go downstairs to our big fridge. While I was in the kitchen I heard the sound of someone (huh hum, Kelty) rummaging through glass bottles ... I poked my head around the corner and this is what I saw ...

Kelty had placed the plastic container on the case of soda and then took the glass bottle out of the bag and balanced it on top of the "rounded top" container! This little structure was almost as tall as he was! Needless to say the bags went on the other side of the gate immediately after I took this photo! Phew!


  1. Just two days ago I caught Evangeline sitting on the floor in the pantry, stacking up cans and bottles. Tell me why do we buy toys again?

  2. Ev & I just watched the video. I think Kelty zerberts (that's what I call it) better than me! Tyrone could even attest to it.

  3. What a close call with the bottle! I'm amazed by your little architect! I can't get the video to work (I can't see my own either) but will check back on it tomorrow. Glad you had a blast at the pool. Tell Al he will have to wait in a long line! All overseas "events" have a line! When I taught the baby library class we could have 40 people sign up. We were full within 30 mins of opening the library on sign up day! I hope you get in!


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