Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo and Rolladens!

Yesterday Kelty and I went to the squadron for a Cinco De Mayo fiesta and were able to meet the commander as well as few spouses. The luncheons weren't as "social" as the ones we were used to at MacDill where the kiddo's could run around in the "boom pod" and everyone could sit and chat. The 76th has an awesome kitchen for the food prep (it's used by the flight attendants to prepare meals for the DV's before the flights). Unfortunately there is no seating or social area to sit so I held Kelty in my arms while trying to eat a taco. Most people grabbed their food and went back to their offices. I was also sad to hear that there is no SQ playgroup ... hopefully I'll be able to get one started. Megan G. - I met your friend Lesa P. that you were stationed with in Japan!
On our way to the luncheon ... it was in the 50's yesterday so we were bundled up!

After we got home Kelty got into my "hair stuff" drawer and put on my headband ... it even matched his outfit! Al tried to grab the camera ... he didn't want this picture taken of Kelty.

Here is something you don't often see in our house .... burnt taco shells! I LOVE Mexican food ... Al and I have taco night once a week; we have for years! Last night we had taco's and while the meat was simmering and the shells were warming in the oven I decided to work on an email back to my Reserve unit at Homestead. Suddenly the smoke alarm was going off and the kitchen was filled with smoke .... I burnt the heck out of the taco shells!

These were white corn hardshells! Our house smells like burnt corn chips.

Time for another dose of "Life in Germany". All the homes here are equipped with "Rolladens", prounced Ro-LAW-dens. They are exterior shutters that block out all light; when up, you don't even know they are there. Most often you control the rolladens individually with buttons by each window; in our house we have a bonus ... we have a master panel that will control the rolladens on each floor simultaneously. Here's a video of the rolladens on the main floor.

Our first morning in the house I was up early with Kelty while the rest of the crew were nestled snug in their beds. I was trying to get the rolladens up on the main floor but they weren't budging, it occured to me that I was pressing the wrong button and was opening and closing the rolladens in the bedroom on the top floor. I guess that was thier wake-up call!

And that's "Rolladens"!


  1. I'm so glad you met Lesa! I told her to keep an eye out for you. Hopefully she will know some other moms with little ones for you! I love those Rolladens! How nice!

  2. Wow Mrs. Jetson, your house is gorgeous!: )

  3. Kinda like hurricane shutters, cool! I wish we had those for nap time!
    Your house is beautiful and looks SO big!

  4. When do we get to see the rest of the house? It looks very sapcious! I tried to explain to Shawn the Rolladens, but I kept forgetting what they were called..thanks for reminder!

  5. Oh! forgot, you burning taco shells..stinking hilarious..we we're going to go out for Cino De Mayo but we ended up deciding to stay in after a long day of work/gym. We need to start having taco night's. mmm!

    Give Kelty a squeeze from Aunt Rachel!

  6. Your house looks so awesome. You need to film the rest of it for us. Kelty is so adorable...I miss you guys. Funny story...I showed Madalyn the video and she thought that when Ketly ran to each area he was making them come up. She said "how is he doing that." I am still laughing, if you could have seen her face Jaime!! Love you guys.


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