Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Faces of Kelty

Kelty has been quite the handful this week! It's been a challenge to say the least, especially in the afternoons. He seems to be fascinated with the dogs lately; poor dogs! He is always trying to grab and pull; if I put the dogs behind the gates and out of Kelty's reach he decides it's target practice with his toys. Kelty has spent some time in the corner this week! You'll see in the photos what I've been up against ...



The "you have no idea what's coming next" face

The "Ha! I got my way" face

In other news ... I had my first dance class last night! They are every Mon and Wed; the instructor is a local national but offers classes on base and would like to start a company with her more experienced dancers. Last nights' class was a ballet technique class and it was GREAT! The classes are from 8:30 until 10pm in the evening which works well for our schedule ... whoohoo!

I was able to squeeeeze into my old dance clothes ... and I mean squeeeze!

We also have family and friends in town! Al's bro Mikey and his wife Sue are visiting ... right now they are on a 3-day excursion to southern Germany and will be back this evening. Our friend Adam W. is out here flying the new C-130J for a couple weeks. Our friend Adam T. was at Ramstien for a night when they were diverted on their way home from a deployment ... we tried to catch him but had missed him by a few minutes. It's a small world ... I can't believe we are half-way across the world and have/had this many friends here! It brings a little bit of "home" to us here.


  1. Oh my gosh, love "the many faces of Kelty." You should frame each one and hang them in his baby room. Better yet, go to CVS..oh wait..ha..ahh well print a very small version of them 1" x 1" stick magnets to them to put on the fridge..they'll be the "how you are feeling today" faces. You've seen those right!?

    Jaime you look great, you give me hope when it's my turn to have a booger butt. I'm so excited that your back in dance! Woohoo! I'm still trying to come up with a name for the class I'm going to offer..need some more ideas there sis!

  2. All those faces were priceless! Dont you just love this age? ;)
    I'm so glad that you are able to keep dancing! Enjoy it!

  3. This may be my favorite post you've done. I adore those faces! I think they get good at being cute so we'll excuse their bad behavior. I love the idea of making magnets of those photos for the fridge- it'll save Al from asking how your day was when he gets home. He just has to look at the fridge! I used to dance and miss it. Kudos to you for not hesitating to make the most of your time there by getting into something you enjoy.


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