Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keeping Up With The Neighbors

Al and I had a really nice weekend! Our neighbors, Heinz and Evi, invited Al and I over for drinks under their gazebo on Friday evening. They speak good English but always keep their translation book with them for those moments when we can't figure out what eachother is saying. Our conversation was dominated with talk of good vineyards, breweries and German -vs- American culture. Saturday late afternoon, after a good day of yardwork, they took us to the carnival down in Kaiserslautern, followed by a visit to their ballroom dance class and an ice cream treat to wrap up the evening.
Mike and Sue (Al's brother and our sister-in-law) got back to the house Sat evening from Mike's medical convention in Belgium. Our neighbors across the street were celebrating a 60th birthday and had a HUGE party. We sat out on our deck and listened to the music ... I guess we were crashing their party from a distance ... though Al and Mike wanted to actually go crash it!
Sunday we went to the zoo and back to the carnival. Kelty played his 1st carnival game and won a prize! It was the little game with the ducks in the pond and Kelty had to pick them out using a stick with a magnet and then put them in his basket ... he did really well!
We don't have too many photos because my batteries died and we didn't have any replacements ... here are a few for your enjoyment.

I finally planted flowers along the deck railing! Whoohoo! It took me two day to get 60 flowers planted! I still have the flower boxes along Kelty's railing to plant. That's a project for next weekend.

Kelty was not to fond of this little ride ... seriously, it almost made me sick!

Evi and Heinz

Notice the black smudges on Kelty's nose and forhead! He smushed his face up against the screen that covers are little fire-pit on the deck.

I was in the kitchen and I hear "clip, clop, clip clop" ... around the corner walks Kelty in my heels! He loves to put oh my heels and walk around ... ha!

This may re-appear at his wedding someday! :o)

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