Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things That Go Bump

I have very few pictures from the last couple of days; all of Kelty's antics take up both my hands and even then I can't seem to catch him all the time! Kelty is obsessed with climbing on things and through things. We have a set of dog stairs that we kept by our ottoman that Kelty apparently thought were there for his use. I was in the kitchen while I thought Kelty was innocently crawling around the living room until I heard a new rustling coming from the furniture! Kelty had climbed up the dog stairs, onto the ottoman and was making his way up the back cushion of the chair! Yikes! So ... smart mommy moved the stairs ... hah! I went back to the kitchen and then it got quiet ... that kind of quiet that means something isn't good! I peaked around the corner to see what Kelty was doing ... he pulled the stairs out, climbed the stairs to "no where" and was balancing on the top step in the middle of the floor ... in my attempt to run over and grab him before he hurt himself, I startled him instead and he went crashing to the floor .... oh, buddy.

Kelty also likes to do laps underneath the dining room table. The chairs make a great tunnel ... he climbs under the chairs, turns around, goes back, turns around, goes back, turns around ... you get the picture. Well ... just in case you don't, here's a snapshot!

Kelty's little tunnel of fun!

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  1. LOL the stairs to no where! Love it! These kids are too smart for their own good!


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