Saturday, November 29, 2008

Midnight Madness Success!!!

My neighbor Tina, her sister Amy, my friend Megan and I had a successful adventure at the Ellenton Prime Outlets ... we had soooo much fun! We arrived around 10:15pm, beat out the heavy traffic and secured our place in line to receive free gift bags that were handed out around 12am ... the bags weren't really worth the wait but it was worth the effort to get there early and avoid the traffic. While Tina and her sister hit up the Coach store, Megan and I hit all the kids clothing stores ... we had a great system ... one of us would wait in line for the register while the other one shopped and then we'd switch out. Kelty made out with clothes for "now" and clothes for "later" ... so here's damage (borrowing Megan's idea here!):

OshGosh ($74 for only $25)

1 Hooded Fleece Jacket
1 Pair Holiday Pants
1 Holiday Shirt

Stride Rite (Retail for approx. $84 ... bargain at $46)

1 Pair of Shoes for "Now"
1 Pair of Shoes for "Later"
1 Pair of Socks (FREE)

The Children's Place ( $66 for only $48 ... the $66 was already the markdown price so the actual savings were even bigger)

1 Rugby Sweater
1 Matching Hat
3 Thermal Shirts
1 Fleece Hoodie
1 Matching Hat
1 Pair Sweatpants
1 Pair PJ's

Gymboree (Retail $94 for only $53)

1 Winter Jacket
1 Hat
1 Pair Mittens
1 Fleece Pullover
1 Pair Fleece Pants

Carters (Retail $112 for $30!)

4 Long Sleeve Printed Onesies
1 Pair Cargo Pants
2 Pair Lined Wind Pants

So I spent some $$$ but Kelty got a lot of clothes to get help get him through the winter and beyond! Whoohoo!

Sooo ... after getting home around 3:30 am I slept-in until about 8am (thanks to Al) and then we hit the local shops to get Kelty's Bday and Christmas gifts ... and some gifts for family and friends (those are a secret though).

I love to shop and I love to save money so this way a GREAT day!

Megan, Amy, Me, Tina

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  1. WOW!! You got some good deals. We got Manni this AWESOME bike for 50.00 with a matching helmet. Regular price Bike 110.00 and Helmet 15.00.


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