Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanksgiving in Paris

Ok, so Thanksgiving was 2 weeks ago but here we go anyway ....

Our great friends from Tampa, Tina and Jordan, came out to visit and were here for Thanksgiving! They are so much fun and we miss them terribly! We decided to spend Thanksgiving in Paris and had a wonderful vegan Thanksgiving dinner, hosted by The Gentle Gourmet, on a boat docked on the Seine River! It was such a fun and unique Thanksgiving day adventure.

On to a few snapshots of our adventures (and it's ALWAYS and adventure with Tina and Jordan) ....

My dad is graciously letting me borrow his Canon SLR camera since we're in the market to upgrade my camera! :o) I took it out as much as possible but I'm still a novice.

This photo of the METRO sign is a vivid memory this trip. Transportation was nothing short of a nightmare. We battled subway closures, dangerously overcrowded subway cars and found it nearly impossible to find a taxi. Transportation was such a frustration and though we love walking through Paris ... doing so in freezing weather with a walking toddler proved to be a bit frustrating!

On the boat enjoying drinks before Thanksgiving dinner.

Photo op ... somewhere along ONE of our walks.

A brief trek to Luxembourg Gardens.

We visited the Catacombs this trip. It was really interested, and a little eerie, to be surrounded by over 6-million skeletons. I struggled desperately to get good photos and only ended up with one that was halfway decent. *sigh* The walls of skeletons were piled about 5ft high and in some places was said to be 80 ft thick. Each section was marked with the date the remains were transported and the cemetery they were moved from.

It was quite the trek DOWN to the catacombs and a bit of a trek UP the spiral staircase ...

As tradition has it on our visits to Paris, The Louvre at night ...

A view from the Eiffel Tower ...

.... we walked a total of 5+ miles from our rental apartment, to The Louvre ... to the Christmas market ... to the Eiffel tower ... in freezing weather ... with no stroller .... at night ....

Sounds like the old saying, "When I was your age I walked to school, in winter, through 2 feet of snow, fighting off bears".

I told you it's ALWAYS an adventure with Tina & Jordan!

Next up ... Amsterdam!

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  1. AMAZING pictures! And, despite the crowds, it sounds like you had fun. I'm glad you could still smile after all the people - I would have looked like a bear someone woke in the middle of winter! LOL!


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