Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little Christmas Cheer

Last weekend Kelty had his school Christmas Pageant! He was so excited to get on stage! Unfortunately Al had "school" and wasn't able to join us. Kelty was so content during the entire event ... clapping and cheering for each of the classes that performed after him. Awwww. After the pageant I took Kelty to the BX to meet Santa where he promptly told Santa he wanted a "baw" ... ball. That's it ... it's all he wants for Christmas! After our visit with Santa we did a little shopping in the BX and enjoyed lunch together at Johnny Rockets ... it's Kelty's favorite little place to eat. I love these special little trips with Kelty.

Finally after over a year ... I've uploaded a video!

.... look at the focus. (Jessica, Kelty was wearing one of John Charles' old Christmas sweaters ... it had a little reindeer on it!)

Kelty hopped right up on Santa's lap and signed "ball" accompanied and said "baw me" (ball please). Since this visit, Kelty has requested 2 balls for Christmas.

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  1. Kelty's adorable - I love that sweater he's got on! And please, can we trade kids, just for Christmas? My boy's Christmas lists a lot more expensive than his! LOL


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