Monday, September 20, 2010

Possibly the Coolest Thing EVER ....

A few weekends ago we took a day-trip to Bernkastel-Kues for their Wine Festival; while we were there I think we could have possibly found the COOLEST thing EVER!

We arrived just in time to catch the artisan parade, i.e., the parade showcasing each of the local wineries. As each group walked by they generously poured wine into small glasses that the spectators had around their necks ... and each person in the parade had these beauties dangling from their necks as well ... filled with wine! Whoa, sweet!

See? See the cool wine halter? Oh ... and Al's beer glass.

Al wanted "in" on the wine samples so he shamelessly found a beer stand, bought a beer, poured the beer into Kelty's sippy cup and proudly held the BEER glass out for wine ... (I was so embarassed)! Promptly after the parade we headed down to the Alstadt (Old City) to purchase "wine halters" of our own! Whoot! We are now proud owners of our own wine halters ... and look what you can do .............

Mmmm, you can stand and drink by your flower boxes while wearing your wine halter
(but you must have the other hand held daintily in the air) ....

You can vacuum like a happy little housewife while wearing your wine halter ...

You can wash your car while wearing your wine halter ...

You can water your plants while wearing your wine halter ....

What would YOU do while wearing your wine halter?


  1. That is AWESOME!! However, you showcasing the item really had me laughing...hard. I was waiting for a picture of you changing a diaper or something with your wine halter!!

  2. Jaime just so you know the anonymous is me ....Jess. Not sure what happened there.

  3. Thanks Jess! :o) I was going to get a "diaper changing photo" but didn't get a chance ... perhaps I'll have to update the post in a few hours! :o)

  4. That is way awesome - and I don't even drink wine! LOL I was waiting for a baby pic too!

  5. LOL! Those are SO awesome! I actually saw Jen Butterfield had those on her blog just the other day too! They must have gone to the same festival! =) (Have you gotten the chance to meet/see them? They just moved there and just, just had a baby.)


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