Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another ... Wine Festival

Ahh ... it's the wine season. That means wine festivals, walks through vineyards and wine ... oh what a joyous season!

Last weekend we joined forces with our friends, the Wagner's and carpooled to the wine festival in Bad Durkheim. Bad Durkheim is home to one of the largest wine festivals in Europe ... think a huge fair and a lot of wine.

The kids enjoyed an afternoon of rides while we enjoyed an afternoon of wine and food. We decided to stop in our favorite wine village on the way home, Saint Martin, but unfortunately the weinguts were closing up shop. We were in for another pleasant surprise though! ...

Daddy and Kelty at the start of our day

A full glass of wine .... this was so far beyond my tolerance level. Fortunately Al and Jeremy took one for the team and helped me finish my "glass of wine". Apparently Germans don't mess around with serving sizes!

We wrapped up our afternoon with a stroll and wound up in a great place for the kids to run, play and tackle each other.

This was our little surprise for the day! As we were driving through the German wine route to Saint Martin we stumbled upon a glorious site ... in the midst of the vineyards was a small section where you could pick your own grapes and pay "on your honor". A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Now, these are table grapes (tafel trauben) ... not wine grapes. Regardless, it was so cool picking our own grapes!

Don't ask. I didn't have to pee and ... well, who knows what face I'm making ... but this was the only photo Al took of me holding/picking grapes. Sigh ... I didn't really get the photogenic gene in the family.

Did I mention that I love this time of year in Germany!?


  1. Nicole, my wife, and I visited the Wurstmarkt in Bad D├╝rkheim, too. But I prefer "Schorle". Schorle is a mix of wine and water. You have to use a "Duppeglas". It's a special wine glass.

  2. Harald, my husband had a "Schorle" and really enjoyed it... I probably should have included that in my blog post as well! Can only certain wines be used in Schorle? Thanks for sharing the tip on the Duppeglas.

  3. @Jaime
    You can use every wine for "Schorle". Some people, for example my father in law, prefer cheaper wine for "Schorle". I love "trockener (dry) Riesling-Schorle".


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