Sunday, March 22, 2009

T - 3 Days and A Lot Of Catch Up!

We arrived in Maine at Al's parents' house yesterday evening and are down to our final days before leaving for Germany! Al is getting the vet certificates done for the dogs ... he had to drive 2+ hours to the only USDA certified vet in Maine! Tomorrow we leave for our 2-day trip, down to Maryland to catch our hop to Germany ... with Al's parents! Al's dad is retired military and they plan to "hop" with us and help!

Ok ... time for some photo catch up!

Playing in the "Front Room" ... loaded with toys! The front room is the room Nana and Papa have set up as a play room for the grand kids. It's filled with toys old and new ... toys my siblings and I used to play with and toys that have been added to the mix for our kids!

We had two big snow falls while we were at Nana and Papa's in MI. Kelty and I were having fun in the fresh snow ... it was bitter cold so we never stayed out long.

Nana and Papa have a full sized ball pit and all the grandkids love it. Kelty spent a lot time playing in the ball pit ... here he his playing with Papa!

Kelty watching Papa plow snow after the second large snow fall. We were snowed-in for a few days!

Kelty flopped over the ball pit ... so tired from playing! We had the bubble machine going too!

We made a "Kelty Cane" to match Papa's canes. Kelty loved playing with Papa's canes and would walk all over the house with them.

Nana showed Kelty how to feed the baby!

Kelty and Nana playing the little house ... we'll bring these photos out again at his wedding!


  1. Love the new picts!!! That's awesome that ya'll had so much fun @ your parents house!!! Have a safe trip!!!! Love You All....Jason, Nicole, Manni, Isabella, and Gabriele

  2. So cute! Thanks for pictures! I want to come play in the "front room"! :) Have a safe trip to MD and a wonderful trip to your new home!!! Miss you terribly!

  3. Thanks for the update and good luck on the 'official" move!

  4. So great to hear about what you've been up to. Great to see Kelty too!!! Miss you!


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