Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Blurb

No photo's ... just a quick blurb to let you know how we are doing! We have all recovered from the flu ... including Papa, who never get's sick!

Last weekend my dear childhood friend, Shaylynn, came up to visit with her 4-year old son and 2-month old daughter along with Shay's mom. We grew up dancing together ... and when I say "grow up" I mean we started dance together when we were 5 and danced together for 12 years! I hadn't seen her since my wedding over 10-years ago! When she and her mom walked in the door it was like we didn't miss a day.

Other than that we've spent our days just playing! It's still bitter cold outside and currently snowing so we don't spend too much time outdoors. We took Kelty for a ride outside on the "mule" (a tractor/4-wheel utility vehicle) this afternoon while hauling out the garbage ... it must sound crazy ... we live in the country so driving tractor type vehicles is pretty standard around here.

Al is on his way up! He finished his training yesterday and will be arriving at the house tomorrow evening! Whoohoo!

Ok ... I'll attempt to load some photo's next time.

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