Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ok in OK

We've made it through our 1st week at Altus ... it's been a long week. Kelty had his first cold; the pediatrician on base wanted us to let it run its course. The nasal suction bulb has been a frequent visitor to Kelty's poor little nose. We've finally settled into our pet-friendly TLF (after a few frustrating moves). Here are a few snapshots of the week.

YUMMY! Kelty loves his sweet potato's!

Carrots aren't so bad!
This was also Kelty's 1st time in a high chair.
The TLF's on base have high chairs in the room ... of course I sterilized this before Kelty even came near it! This is especially convenient since Kelty wiggles his way out of the Bumpo seat now!

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