Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whining Has Consequences ...

Lately I'm hearing A LOT of whining when Kelty wants something ... whether it's water, juice, milk, a snack, a toy he can't reach, etc. There is no build-up to the whine ... his request simply starts with a whine and it gets louder and louder and louder ... when he wants something he wants it immediately.

For a while I was catching myself yelling back, "hold on!", and then it hit me ... I grabbed the timer from the kitchen and had a little chat with Kelty. I explained if he needed something then he needs to ask nicely and sometimes he may have to wait a few minutes until I can get it for him ... if he whines I will set the timer to 3 minutes and I will not get his juice/water/snack/toy/etc. until the 3 minutes is over and the timer rings. I'm hoping this will teach him a little patience ... and that whining has consequences.


  1. Please let me know how successful the timer is. We are having identical issues here. But her whines immediately turn to tantrums w/o warning. Terrible twos ain't got nothing on three!

  2. We put Gabriele in a time out in his bedroom and when he is done tantruming/whining he is allowed to come out. He actually stays in his bed untill he is done but it has taken a lot of back and forth on our part to make a point of it. When we first stared the time out in his bedroom he would just get back out. We would put him back and continue till he stayed in his bed or till he was done. It actually works and we are starting the same thing now with Donato, even though he is one he actually gets the concept!!! Good Luck!!! Every child is different and what might work for one does not always work for the other!!!

  3. Amen to that Katey! 3's are the worst so far! LOL! What a great idea Jaime =) Self control is so important for kids to learn, hopefully mine will get the message sometime soon too!

  4. Oh, Genius idea! I have whiners over here and it normally ends with me yelling at them because it's the one.thing that drives me insane. I am totally stealing your timer idea - thanks!

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