Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Kelty!

It's Kelty's 2nd Birthday today!!!!

It's 5am and we are headed out the door for a weekend in Spain. Al was put on a 3-day trip and we decided to go as a family so we could be together on Kelty's big day. We celebrated Kelty's birthday last night ... thanks everyone for the AWESOME gifts! I'll share pictures and stories of our day after we return on Sunday night.


  1. I told you I would be distracted by Thanksgiving! Awesome gift is on it's way today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELTY!!

  2. Yea! Happy Birthday Kelty!!! Can't wait for pics...hope his gift got there on time! I love your December blog background...add bells or somethin to piper and pogo.. :0)


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