Monday, December 7, 2009


Kelty turned the big "2" on Friday! As I mentioned in my previous post, Al was put on a 3-day trip to Spain which would have taken him out-of-town on Kelty's birthday ... Al was able to get approval for Kelty and I to fly "space-available" with him. Since Al was not flying the leg from Ramstein to Rota, Spain we were able to fly along on the C-21 without breaking any regulations! We celebrated Kelty's birthday on Thursday night and spent his "real" birthday walking the streets of Seville, Spain .... but we'll touch on that in the next post ... this post is just for Kelty! :o)

Thursday proceeded as a normal day for Kelty until Al came home around 4:30pm. While Al played with Kelty upstairs I set-up his gifts and cake ... a few minutes later we (Aunt Susie, Uncle Mike, Al and I) welcomed Kelty downstairs to open presents and eat cake. Kelty made a straight shot for the balloons that Al brought home ... he was so excited about the dang balloons we had to distract him to open gifts!

Kelty's Radio Flyer Wagon filled with presents from the family

Kelty sporting the "2" shirt I appliqued .... Al wouldn't let me make coordinating striped pants like I did for his 1st Birthday!

Opening his gifts using his tools from Mimi and Papa

His little box of weapons ... I mean ... tools! So far we've only had to hide the hammer.

Kelty's laptop from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Shawn!

Deeply focused on his cake ...

Same as last year ... Kelty would not touch the cake with his fingers ... only a fork. This is not my fault! :o) Kelty accidentally got some frosting on his hands and he would not continue eating until we wiped it off ....

Apparently the arm does not count ...

I made Kelty a layered rainbow cake!

Thank-you family and friends for the birthday wishes you sent Kelty!


  1. Nana and PapaDecember 08, 2009

    Great pictures. Awe. no pin stripes? Did Kelty get his package from Michigan? Hope it got there in time. Wow,I better get to the post office with Christmas stuff or they might be there after the new year.
    That rainbow cake is awesome for some reason it reminds me of Cat In the Hat. What kind of pan did you use???

  2. I love the layer cake, I've never seen one with Rainbow stripes!? Were they different flavors? I can't believe Kelty is 2! Boo for no coordinating stipped pants :0P

  3. Love the cake! When did Kelty get his hair cut?? It looks so much shorter! Glad you guys had a great little party for him. Happy Birthday Big Guy!


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