Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things are getting stale around here ......

Here is just a filler blog entry to hold you all over until we move into our house and get internet ... I almost forgot my blogger password it's been so long!

We are plugging along here ... anxious to move into the house on the 22nd and get our house set-up. I'm anxious to getting blogging "for real" again and actually have an opportunity to share some of the unique things we've been experiencing. It's strange how the normal day-to-day things are even different here! Like fuel rations and the process of getting fuel on base, coffee rations, setting up utilities and dealing with VAT (valued added tax) ... I'll cover these in future blogs.

Al found a good car on the lemon lot on base .... of course it's BMW, Mercedes, and VW's galore ... everyone drives them. Al found a '98 BMW, 5-series to beat around in for the next few years. It's old but it drives well and is pretty comfortable! You should see the looks we get driving the Acadia around ... it's so "American" and really makes us stick out like a sore thumb! Parking it in the NARROW parking spots has become quite a challenge and makes it almost impossible to get out of the car.

Here is cute video of Kelty at the Easter Egg Hunt on base last weekend. They have a huge amount of youth activites on-base which I think will be great ... as soon as we get our household goods and dig out our bathing suites we're going to hit the indoor water park. Enjoy the video!


  1. Cute video, it's so good to hear your guys voices. We miss you and can't quite believe that you are living in Germany now. Only 2 more day until moving day (and gender u/s for me!)
    Good luck and hope to see another blog soon =)

  2. Nana and PapaApril 28, 2009

    We love all the pictures and videos and we will take any we can get. Missing you very much and knowing that our littlest boy is growing way too fast. I think it is time for Dad and I to start a blog.


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