Monday, March 7, 2011

Day to Day ...

I'm attempting to break out of my blogging hiatus! We've been so busy! We're finally feeling a little relief from Al's work schedule, Kelty had the "crud" for a week and is now back to his former active self, I've been busy filling Etsy orders and playing around with my new Silhouette machine, I started an on-line photography course and am developing a 3rd blog dedicated to my business and DIY projects! We've also been making arrangements for a medical TDY to the states for Kelty and planning a few summer excursions to Greece, Cinque Terre, and Norway. Holy cow! Here are a few moments I've captured along the way ...

We're feeling a little Spring in the air! Ok, so it's still cold but nothing we can't manage with a few a layers! We've been taking frequent family walks and enjoying the fresh air. Kelty is sporting his new Camelbak ... he loves it.

We love our little outdoor adventures. Al picked up toddler hiking poles a few months ago when he was in the "states".

Kelty donned his "work glasses" before working on his train track ... safety first! ;o)

Repairing the railway.

Kelty takes good care of his bike.

The kiddo has a slight addiction to Lucky Charms. I caught him in the kitchen digging through the Lucky Charms bag to find the marshmallow "charms" ... what's even better is that he's wearing a Lucky Charms graphic tee. Oh how I love this little guy!

The "big" slide ... I can't believe he's big enough to do this on his own and I can't believe my heart survives watching him go down it!

An early evening bike ride to visit the horses and the nearby Horse Farm.

A few cute "un-photo" moments:

Kelty has started calling the crescent moon, "Banana Moon"
Kelty melts my heart with random kisses on the forehead followed by "Love You Ma"
Kelty has this thing about playing "robot"
He picks out 3 vitamins every morning ... one for Dad, one for Mom, and one for himself
Kelty seems to enjoy burping ... then saying "cuse me"
He navigates around our new Ipod Touch better than I do!

... and that's a bit of a photo journey of our life, day-to-day.


  1. I liked this catch-up post. I'd like to add:
    I know she'll pick out the marshmallows too which is why I've never bought Lucky Charms for Evangeline.
    After a burp she says, "scurse me," like she's a hoodrat.
    The forehead kisses and love you ma melts my heart a little too : )

  2. That first photo, I love. Something about toddlers just staring into space makes me smile :)

    And that slide - OMG - it looks like fun! Did you go down it? Hehe.

    Be glad that Kelty is only burping. Mine are farting. And laughing. Especially if they manage to do it while they are sitting on my lap *sigh* And in church. Oh my lands. I think I like girls better!


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