Sunday, August 8, 2010

NO Diaper ... Ok, If You Say So!

Until this morning, I hadn't started potty training Kelty yet. He has been showing interest for a while but I didn't want to make any dedicated efforts until we were done traveling and were back in a routine. Kelty apparently had his own agenda ...

This morning we were watching cartoons; I was sipping my coffee and Kelty was on the couch next to me ... he gets up, says "pee" and walks into the bathroom ... I follow him and watch as he pulls of his diaper and pee's in the the potty. Whoop! That happens occasionally so I wasn't too shocked ... the shocking part came next! I said, "Let me get you a diaper" and he throws out his hand and says "No, Die" (no, diaper). Oh, ok! I explained that if he wasn't wearing a diaper then he had to go to the big boy potty when he had to pee ... he agreed.

So we went back to our cartoon and about 10 minutes later he gets up, walks to the potty, pulls down his pants ... and pee's! Whoa! Ok, now I'm taking him seriously.

We go back to the cartoon ... I decided to set the timer so we can go back to the potty in 10-15 minutes and then I promplty raced to the computer to look up printable "potty reward charts" ... I was SO not prepared to start potty training! As I'm on the computer I see Kelty get up and head to the bathroom ... I get up to follow and he puts out his hands and says, "No, me!". The little dude wanted to do it by himself! What! He went pee, emptied the potty, flushed (and said "bye pee"), washed his hands and left the bathroom. Ummm ... so I'm totally floored. Kelty went pee in the potty all day long with no prompting, no timer, no encouragement and had no accidents ... he just got up and went. We celebrated each of his achievements with cheering and clapping and "knuckles".

I put him in a diaper to run to the grocery store ... no way in heck I was going to risk that on Day 1! He did go in his diaper while we were out but once we got home and his real undies went back on ... he was back to business!

I'm not sure if this is a fluke but I'm going to run with it ... there is no way potty training is going to be this easy with him, right!? Wish us luck because I guess we just started potty training!


  1. Hm....jealous doesn't begin to cover it!

  2. But that's awesome! Way to go Kelty!

  3. SOOOOOOOOO exciting! There must be something in the air because I've got a similar post going up soon about this too. So proud of Kelty. Please give him a hug and a high-five from the Frosts. And be strong momma, just in case it gets tough.

  4. my son was the same he just got up one day while i tried to change him and when i went after him he was on the big potty and had went pee. Never looked back ofter that

    Great job i don't think its going to be so easy with my daughter


  5. That is awesome - GO FOR IT! That is how my 2nd one trained. All by himself. I can honestly say it's the best thing that ever happened to me! LOL

  6. That is amazing! All our "babies" are growing up! After trying for a year, my boys have just finally "got" it. Hoping it continues to be as easy and successful for you! (this is Megan G...on my mom's account!)

  7. Congratulations! My oldest son did it the same way...just up and decided it was time to use the potty, complete with dumping it, flushing and hand washing.


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