Monday, November 23, 2009

Cooking with Evi

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... we are once again blessed with AMAZING neighbors! Everyplace we've lived in our 12 years as a military family we've made long-lasting friendships with our neighbors. Our German neighbors here have taken the time to share with us their German traditions and way of living. I've mentioned to Evi that I was interested in learning to cook authentic German meals ... and it so happens that Evi is a WONDERFUL cook and is eager to share her recipes. Last week Evi and Heinz invited Susie (my sister-in-law) and I over to cook homemade potato soup. Al, Mike and Kelty joined us about an hour later and we all enjoyed potato soup, knockwurst and bread .. and of course a sampling of liqueur, beer and wine. We wrapped up the meal with Lebkucken (a German holiday cookie/cake ... there is no English translation) and expresso.

Susie and Evi prepping the carrots, potato's, leeks and celery root

Evi stirring the potato soup

My turn to stir (I need to start wearing more make-up!)

Heinz's contribution ... cutting the bread. It's pretty common to own your own bread-slicer and slice the bread you buy at the bakery. Our house had one built-in that used to pull out from a bottom cabinet .... we temporarily took it out ... a toddler + circular blade = danger

Heinz shared with us that in Fall/Winter you traditionally eat knockwurst with potato soup and in the Spring/Summer you eat a plum bread with the potato soup!

Lebkuchen! Heinz pulled out the Lebkuchen and said "You know Lebkuchen?" After the astonishment of not knowing what Lebkuchen was, Heinz told us about it. Lebkuchen is made and eaten only during the holiday season ... it's a German dessert cake/cookie. The best way to describe it ... a spiced cookie that more like the consistency of a dense cake. It tastes like a mix of spice cookie and fruit cake. There is a variety of ways to coat it or even not to coat the exterior. The underside of the Lebkuchen has a wafer type bottom. Totally confused? :o)

Tomorrow night Evi is teaching us how to make Schnitzel!


  1. How neat! You are so lucky to have such great neighbors, dinner sounds like it was very good and very fun.
    I had to laugh at your bread slicer quip, I hide all the scissors and knives at my house still and my oldest is 10, in my defense though the youngest is 5 and she likes to get into things :)

  2. OMG!! That is sooooo cool!!!! I can't wait to travel and see you guys!! I have to say, that beats mine and Shawn's Sushi night, although I love sushi!


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