Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kelty's 1st Day Swimming

Kelty and I went to our first "playgroup" today ... we played in the pool with some of our friends from the squadron. Kelty absolutely loved it; no fussing, no tears ... all smiles and fun. We tried out his new pool float which he enjoyed from the minute I put him in it. Then we graduated to just some splashing and floating (under mommies care of course!) Kelty stretched right out on his back and even relaxed his head back ... we'll definitely be spending some quality time in the pool this summer! Here is a pic that Megan took ... thanks Megan!

Trying out Kelty's pool float ... I eventually let him sit in it without holding on to him.

Don't worry ... it wasn't hot in the hot tub ... it was like bath water. Megan caught Jane and I mid-conversation. :o) Kelty was chewing on my hand.

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